Fire Damage

Fire Damage is the most devastating disaster that can happen to your property.

Quick action is required to be able to possible save your belongings. Our 24/7 emergency fire damage restoration service can make the difference.

We have an extensive experience, knowledge and equipment to handle this type of disaster.

Fire Damage in Tornonto - Instantly Restoration

Due to unique behavior of smoke, fire damage restoration requires special care and attention to restore it properly.

It takes experience to properly manage and repair fire damage. One mistake can lead to more expensive costs down the road. Our team of fire damage service experts are highly trained and use the most advanced strategies to restore your property any time of the day, any time of the year.

Below we highlight important fire damage advice on what not to do while waiting for a fire damage restoration company to help out:

– Don’t wash walls, carpets, upholstery, or any painted surfaces before contacting professionals;
– Don’t clean any electrical appliance affected by the fire until it is repaired;
– Don’t consume canned or packaged food or beverages close to the fire;
– Don’t turn on ceiling fans and lighting if the ceiling is burnt or wet.

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